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James Jenkins

April 29 2022

“Picked up or 1/2 beef today and got to say, beef looks great. 5 boxes of beef and it all looks great so good we already ordered a whole”

Austin Chase Evans

January 30 2022

“Just got our delivery of a quarter and the quality was fantastic. C&C is super easy to work with and we be our go to in the future”

Gunnar Standifer

January 18 2022

“Amazing service. You can’t go wrong with C&C beef!”

Carson Morris

January 7 2022

“Super personable and helpful, definitely recommend checking them out.”

Brad Wylie

January 7 2022

“Great people, and very easy to do business with!”

Zach Wall

January 7 2022

“Very honest company and highly informative!”

Mark Taylor

July 3 2022

“Not only are you getting a great deal, you’re getting great beef. Really do recommend.”

DeeDee Hayes

April 20 2022

“We bought just a 1/4 back in November. This was our very first time so we really didn’t know what to expect. Cody was so patient with all my questions, and very helpful. I waited so long to write my review because I wanted to eat several cuts of meat first. I am happy to say we have loved Everything! Definitely will buy again.”

Amanda George King

December 7 2021

“picked up a half beef a few weeks ago. have used the ground and it was very good. but I cooked a roast today and lord have mercy! the best I’ve ever had. even my 19 yr old daughter that hates roast thought it was good! can’t wait to try the steaks!”

Jamie Marek

October 28 2021

“I have waited to sample each cut of meat in order to leave an honest review. First of all, the service was superb, communication was awesome and my side of beef was ready in less than 10 days for me to pick up. I also was able to pick out the cuts of meat that I desired as to not get cuts I wouldn’t use. Something I’ve never been able to do with other processors before. The meat is absolutely superb as well!! I haven’t eaten one thing that was not good quality cuts! Even though we raise our own beef it’s easier to use Cross M to do it all. And much cheaper as well! I will continue to make the hour and a half drive to get my meat in the future ! Thanks so much for providing such great quality meat at affordable prices and thanks for being so hospitable and helpful .”

Elisabeth Goodall

August 20 2021

“cross M Cattle is the most amazing place to buy ypur meat… I had the pleasure to buy a full cow and a full pig… the taste of each piece of this meat is do delicious…. I wasnt much of a meat eater but with this I have become the type of person that when I hear smoked steak or anything else out of my freezer my mouth starts to water…. I even have days that I crave it…. this is all new to me… not only does the meat taste amazing but the price is the best I have ever found… and this is not the end of my experience…. the people here talk to you and treat you like your family…. so sweet, understanding, and honest people…. even when I move I will make a point to drive back just to buy my meat from him every year…. as long as he’s selling meat I will forever come back to get more….. thank you Cross M Cattle for being the amazing wonderful people you are….”

Jordan Thomas

October 28 2021

“Best Quality Available! $100 says yours ain’t this good!”

Dylan Jarvis

May 21 2021

“Amazing prices! Phenomenal customer service! Perfect product! Anyone looking to buy a cow and get meat, this is your place! The meat tastes absolutely amazing too! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Jeff Leindecker

May 12 2021

“Just picked up a quarter beef last week and it just about filled my freezer. The hamburgers and steaks are delicious. Thank you!”

Richard Roberts

April 30 2021

“Terrific beef. We will definitely be buying from you again.”

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